Quadpack and Yonwoo's best-selling Well Pump goes slimline

  • Quadpack

The lasting appeal of Yonwoo's Well Pump has turned it into a Quadpack best-seller. Combine it with a hot trend and it becomes a sure winner.

Quadpack has now introduced the Slim Well Pump, a stylish pack with a slender silhouette. Echoing the enduring slimline trend, the Slim Well Pump is hygienic and fun to use.

A flip-top cap allows one-handed use. Once open, press a cotton wool pad onto a disc actuator, to release a perfect dose of the liquid. There is no direct contact with the formula and hands are kept clean and dry.

The pump's one-way valve helps prevent product contamination caused by seepage, while ensuring all product is used without waste.

The Slim Well Pump is perfect for cleansing water and other liquid formulas. Its slim shape means it can be taken anywhere in a handbag or vanity case. Coupled with its larger cousin, the Well Pump brands can issue normal and travel size packs of the same product.

The Slim Well Pump can be viewed in the online catalog.


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