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Many product lines in the cosmetic, pharmacological, and personal care spaces focus on treatment in stages, typically involving a smooth cream to be applied first, followed by a gel or thicker cream on targeted areas.

The problem for consumers is that these items, to be used together, normally come in separate containers. Further, they often need to be carried about in a bag or purse where they take up a lot of space or wind up becoming separated.

Putting an end to this inconvenience, Quadpack has introduced a new product that unifies two normally disparate elements to create a new packaging concept.

Yonwoo's 2-in-1 Dual Concealer packs integrate separate containers into one easy-to-use and convenient package. Available as airless jars or tubes, the new Concealer line features closures (push-top for the jar, screw top for the tube) that open to reveal a container for a second product, normally some sort of balm or pressed powder that complements the product in the larger reservoir.

It's the ideal solution for two-part personal care or cosmetic products such as combinations of skin cream and anti-ageing treatment, foundation and blush, hand repair cream and nail treatment or even sun screen and SPF lip balm. The cap also features a handy mirror for easy application on the move.

The airless jar delivers perfect doses of 0.5cc per stroke, meaning it's ideal for controlled treatments, whereas the tube is better suited for general use. Since the new items don't have any special filling requirements, they can be integrated quickly into existing lines. To fill the cap reservoir, the packs can be delivered with an optional aluminium godet for quick integration into hot pour or press fill lines.

The Yonwoo 2-in-1 Dual Concealer from Quadpack provides manufacturers with a novel concept for marketing their products while offering the consumer a useful and fun-to-use concept. After all, we need to be carrying around less, not more...


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