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Being a consumer these days takes some know-how. There are a lot of products available, and for many, it can be pretty frustrating to purchase a costly, high-quality cosmetic product, perhaps for special occasions, only to have it dry out after having used it a couple of times.

Quadpack has effectively solved this dilemma by providing consumers with a better choice of compact that ensures that thick cream or hard powder remains as fresh and usable as the day it was purchased.

The innovative compact features a small, unfolding tray that also acts as the sealing top of the product reservoir. It's a simple yet elegant solution that ensures the compact stays airtight throughout the shelf life and post-purchase life of the make-up. Here's how it works:

- The compact is twisted, thereby loosening the top so it can be opened.
- The tray, which normally holds a sponge or pad, is folded out, exposing the product underneath, ready for use.

When the tray is closed, it rests securely upon a ridge that runs all around the product reservoir. When the compact is twisted shut, the tray is pushed firmly into the ridge, creating an airtight seal thanks to friction, pressure, and the relative softness of the polypropylene liner. And because the seal is secure, it can be thrown into a purse or bag without fear of it opening up in transit.

Apart from being a technical marvel, the compact is also an aesthetic one. When closed, there is no out-jutting hinge, making its unbroken silhouette a very, very stylish one. Also, since the hinge is housed inside the compact, there's no reason to fear it snapping apart from over-use. Quadpack offers a wide variety of decoration options to make the compact a guaranteed winner in the luxury and masstige cosmetic markets...


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