Yonwoo's Airless Shut-Off Nozzle

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There are a lot of new personal care products on the market, as people become more and more aware of cosmetic treatments. Many of the new creams, gels, and oils available are sensitive formulas and need strong protection. Some may even react with something as innocuous as air, which can cause the product to lose effectiveness or accelerate the decay process, which is why airless containers have emerged as an ideal solution.

Even the best airless containers on the market, however, suffer from a degree of air re-entry through the nozzle.

Until now.  Quadpack now offers Yonwoo's Airless Shut-Off Nozzle, which ensures that even advanced formulas will not lose effectiveness. In addition to an airless bottle's protection, the new Shut-Off Nozzle avoids any product contact with air through the nozzle itself.

The dispenser is quite simple in the way it operates. When the top button is actuated, a small catch at the front of the dispensing orifice opens, allowing the product to evacuate. When the button is released, the catch shuts closed in front of the orifice, ensuring air doesn't get in.

That means that any residue in the nozzle won't dry out and or oxidise. The most advanced formulas imaginable can be dispensed easily and safely, with no contamination or clogging.

Consumers probably won't notice the advanced technology that's literally at their fingertips, but they WILL appreciate not having to throw out an expensive product because it's gone bad. They'll keep coming back for purchase when they realise that the product can be left on the shelf for long periods without clogging up, drying out, or discolouring.

And, as with all Quadpack's products, dispensing is always fluid, from first use all the way through to throwing the empty bottle into the recycle bin.

The new Shut-Off Nozzle provides the ultimate in airless dispensing technology, especially designed for formulas that need more powerful protection than standard airless packaging.


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