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Bruce Willis and Technotraf get Personal

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Although known for his action movie roles, renowned actor Bruce Willis is active in other areas, too. Perfumery is one of these and Personal Edition is the third of his fragrances to hit the market. The perfume's clean and elegant flask is crowned with a wooden cap created by Technotraf, a Quadpack Group company.

An exclusive men's fragrance, Personal Edition embraces traits of citrus fruit, black pepper and tobacco all smoldering together within a robust glass bottle. 

Taking pride of place adorning the bottle, the cap is made up of two components: a silver anodised neck clasped by a sheath crafted from beech wood - an innovative, aesthetically-pleasing solution that lifts the product from the shelf.

Jaume Ordeig, Technotraf's Commercial Director commented:

"We were delighted to be asked to take part in such a personal project as this one. I think the choice of wood perfectly encapsulates the masculinity, elegance and authenticity this fragrance aims to express".

Technotraf is an industry leader in the field of cutting-edge packaging concepts using PEFC-certified wood. Adhering to the strictest standards of sustainability in both production and sourcing, Technotraf firmly believes in the benefits of natural wood in the presentation of beauty products.


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