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Quadpack company Technotraf creates timeless elegance for Jean Patou

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"The first wish of a man is that he should be 'of his own time'," legendary designer and entrepreneur Jean Patou told Harper's Bazaar magazine in 1926. With this sentiment in mind, Technotraf, a Quadpack company, has created a timelessly elegant cap for Jean Patou's Heritage fragrance collection.

Born to a Parisian of rich industrialists, Jean Patou was indeed a 'man of his time'. His prolific output and personal style seemed to define the sophistication and hedonism of the 'flapper' era; he was one of the first designers to instil sports and leisurewear with a dose of luxury and the brand's signature perfume Joy, released in 1930 in a daring art deco style flask, has become one of the most iconic fragrances ever produced.

The bold, thoroughly contemporary architecture of Jean Patou perfume flasks has been retained to the present day. For the Heritage collection (Chaldée, Patou Pour Homme and Eau de Patou), Technotraf customized one of its standard wooden caps, a combination of an aluminium cap, anodized in gold with an outer sheath of dark beech wood. A ring on the neck of the bottle in the same metal treatment adds harmony to this trio of historic Jean Patou perfumes, relaunched for the modern consumer.


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