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Quadpack's new range of Brush Tubes offer a sophisticated solution to apply cosmetics and lotions. Simply squeeze the tube and brush the formula onto the skin, in gentle strokes that instil feelings of pure wellbeing. With a high-end brush applicator and an open/close valve system, application is soft, smooth and precise – and resistant to leakage.

The Brush Tube's many options make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from cosmeceuticals to make-up. The tube comes in PE monolayer, multi-layer PE/EVOH or lined with an aluminium barrier for ultimate formula protection. With an unrivalled capacity range from 5-70ml, diameters range from purse-sized 16mm and 19mm (perfect for local applications such as eye/lip contours or nail treatments) to 30mm (primers, foundations or any kind of lotions).

The state-of-the-art brush is composed of easy-clean synthetic bristles in brown, white or black that feel soft when stroked on the skin.

The special sealing valve avoids leaking, while making it safe to carry around. The clever mechanism turns the cap into an on/off switch: twisting the cap on and off the tube automatically opens or closes the valve.

The Brush Tube offers easy filling, with no special equipment required and multiple decoration options are available to make the tube completely unique.


  • Skincare
    • Make-up
      • Plastics

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