Quadpack adds the Ellipse tottle to its Q-Line family

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From sunscreens to liquid foundations, tottles are the ideal solution for fluid formulas. Their flexible walls and upside-down actuators enable easy dispensing. The choice on the market, however, is limited to either low-cost, low-quality tottles or expensive, high-end options.

Quadpack bridges this gap in the market with the launch of the Ellipse tottle, the latest member of its Q-Line family. Ideal for mass market, masstige and OTC products, this well-designed pack offers excellent price/performance, an interesting shape and a premium finish.

Ellipse avoids the inferior design of low-cost tottles, while offering many of the benefits of the high-end models at an accessible price. Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), it is resistant to aggressive formulas like sunscreen right up to SPF100. The reducer, made of LLDPE, reflects the elegant, smooth lines of the pack.

As its name suggests, Ellipse is oval with an eye-shaped footprint. Its sophisticated look and feel is reinforced by a matt texture. This makes it particularly suitable for products with a mattifying effect, like matt foundation. As it is applied through the mould, there is no surcharge for this premium finish.

Other decoration options include colour matching, silk screening, hot stamping and metallising on the cap. An optional pearlised effect on the bottle enhances the luxury image, avoiding flow marks through extrusion blow moulding.

Capacities are 30ml or 50ml, with an MOQ of 30,000.


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