Dahlia blends strength and beauty in airless glass

  • Quadpack

It is a symphony of strength and feminine beauty. Dahlia is the newest addition to the Quadpack AirGlass family. This exciting range features an outer glass container, adorned by anodised aluminium accessories, surrounding a protective core of Yonwoo airless technology.

Created in-house by Quadpack’s own development team, Dahlia has at its heart a rigid Yonwoo airless container. This ensures the formula is completely shielded from oxygen, gases and other external contaminants. Shelf life is extended while simultaneously reducing the need for artificial preservatives.

The airless cylinder is enclosed in a glass bottle, adding weight, solidity and a luxury feel. An aluminium collar cleverly holds all the elements together. The use of these contrasting materials ensures a pack that looks strong yet feminine all at once. In effect, Dahlia mirrors today’s busy woman juggling complex demands while remaining beautiful at all times.

Dahlia’s has unlimited creative potential, with a host of decoration options to adapt it to any brand. The glass bottle can be painted or pearlised inside or out, while branding can be applied through a host of techniques, including screen printing and hot stamping. The aluminium collar and cap, too, can be embossed, punched, polished and more.


  • Skincare
    • Glass
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