Quadpack presents the earth-friendly rPET foamer

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Quadpack introduces a sophisticated new foamer that meets today’s demands for increased sustainability. The Eco Foamer uses a recycled PET (rPET) bottle sourced locally in Europe. This is combined with the superior performance of Apollo’s foam pumps. With high-end decoration options including colour matching and metallised collars, this product is especially suitable for luxury organic brands.

The rPET bottle can be made with either 100% or 50% recycled content, depending on requirements. Quadpack has selected only European sources to reduce the product’s carbon footprint. The bottle is available in standard 150ml and 50ml travel-sized packs.

The pump uses Apollo’s patented foam technology to produce exceptional foam quality. Three different meshes produce different densities to suit different applications. These may include cleansing, skin care, baby care and any others where foam adds value to the performance and perception of the product.

Moreover, with no metal parts in the product path, the pump helps safeguard formula integrity – a particularly important consideration for organic brands.

A choice of interchangeable applicators can further enhance performance of the product. Besides the standard actuator, a silicon brush and a comb applicator can be used on the same pump.


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