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Personal skin care plans are all the rage, with anti-ageing serums at the heart of the treatment. A new trend is now emerging that takes tailored skin care to the next level. While still in its infancy, France is leading the way with personalised formulations mixed in store or at home. And droppers provide the ideal delivery system.

Either using a teat or push button, droppers allow controlled delivery of concentrated serums. Accurate in small doses, formulas can be easily mixed or added to a carrier cream. Small vials can be used to offer different effects, such as firming, hydrating, anti-ageing or smoothing.

Besides tailored formulas, any kind of high-value serum can benefit from the targeted application of droppers. Quadpack's range is available as tubular glass vials and blown glass in different shapes, using teat or push-button dispensers. The recently-launched Twin Mix enables consumers to mix two-part treatments at home. With a choice of capacities as low as 3ml, Quadpack droppers are perfect for customisable formulas as well as intensive treatments.

Metallising, spray coating, silk screening and hot stamping can be applied to create an attractive branded pack. Amber glass is optional.

Quadpack’s promotional company Spirit can develop a luxury coffret to create a unique personal skin care package for personalised branding.


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