Travelling light: Yonwoo-s Duo Airless two-in-one

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It’s just what consumers are asking for: a cosmetics pack that’s light, easy to use, fits in their handbag and contains everything they need. Yonwoo’s travel-friendly Duo Airless pack ticks all the boxes. For cosmetic companies, too, as it offers strong formula protection, excellent product compatibility and easy filling.

So what is it, exactly? The Yonwoo Duo Airless is a double-ended airless bottle, designed for travel-sized two-part treatments. No need to carry two products around – with two formulas in the same container, it is ideal for day & night cream, eye & face cream, primer & foundation and other integrated cosmetics products. To use, remove from handbag, press the pump for a perfect dose of one product, then flip over and use the other one – easy!

Technical specifications include 15ml capacity (30ml in total), PP material in contact with the formula, an airless pump both ends and easy top filling. After filling, simply snap the pump and cap to close and repeat the other end.

Colour matching, silk-screening and hot-stamping ensure that the pack’s decoration can perfectly fit brand requirements, with colour matching available from an MOQ of just 10,000.


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