Colour your foamer and boost your sales

  • Quadpack

Colours equal sales. Over 90 per cent of purchases are made at point of sale, so the usual white foamers will hardly catch the eye. Now, Korean manufacturer Apollo can produce foam packs in glorious colours that truly stand out on the shelf – without penalty.

Unlike many manufacturers who penalise colour with high minimum quantities, Apollo will deliver custom-coloured foamers with an MOQ of just 20k. Packs can be further enhanced with an anodised aluminium or metallised collar, adding a touch of radiance.

Apollo foam pumps are designed with no metal in the product path for improved product integrity. They are available with a range of meshes for different densities. Applicators include pumps, brushes and combs for different applications.

Quadpack is the exclusive distributor of Apollo foamers.


  • Skincare
    • Plastics
      • Hybrid Solutions
        • Decoration

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