Brivaplast mascaras: making the formula work

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No matter how advanced the formula, a mascara is only as good as the pack that delivers it. Brivaplast mascara packs, available from Quadpack, are engineered to make the formula work. No clumps, longer length, extra volume – Brivaplast’s high-tech design enables brand owners to deliver on their claims.

“The effort and investment of developing a formula for mascara must extend to the pack, if it is going to achieve the desired effect,” explains Anna Poletto, R&D manager of Brivaplast. “A mascara pack is a finely-tuned, integrated system. From the stem diameter, through the action of the wiper, to the composition of the brush, the pack must be designed specifically to support the formula it delivers. At Brivaplast, we manufacture packs that enable the mascara to perform.” 

The Brivaplast range of professional mascara packs can feature standard rigid wipers or its own flexible, bi-injected wiper. Using patented technology, it ensures perfect dosage, avoids overflow and allows effortless closure after use. 

The bottle, cap and stem are designed to optimise application. The major components can be manufactured using a number of combinations to suit the brand, application and budget. 

Available in capacities of 8ml to 14ml, Brivaplast mascaras can be fitted with a fibre or plastic brush.


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