Creating your own foamer is child's play!

  • Quadpack

Getting kids to wash their hands is always a challenge, but here's some good news: Quadpack has a way to help make them less averse to using soap. Apollo’s range of foamers can now be delivered with actuators customised to a brand. Using bespoke moulds, fun new shapes can be created to complement brands aimed at the child and baby care market.

Foamers are ideal for liquid soap formulas developed for children. Washing with foam means less mess and more fun, especially when dispensed from a pump that looks exciting, wacky, or cute. 

Customized bottle shapes can be manufactured to fit the actuators. And with a relatively low MOQ and quick development time, launching a custom-shaped foamer has never been easier.

Quadpack is the exclusive distributor of Apollo dispensers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


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