Hey presto! New gesture in airless for make-up and skin care

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Quadpack Group presents another first in dispensing technologies. Developed by manufacturing partner Yonwoo, the Presto system comprises a pump which features a unique push button alongside a dispensing hole. Pressing it down automatically opens the valve, dispensing a controlled dosage onto the disc (up to 1.5cc), where it can be swiped off with a sponge, cotton wool disc or your finger.

This hygienic, no-mess system avoids direct contact with the bulk, keeping the formula protected in the underlying airless container. Yonwoo's airless technology further protects it from external contamination.

Two packaging solutions are available that use the Presto system:

–    A 50ml jar in PP, offering excellent compatibility. The Presto Jar is ideal for high-value skin care products that require strong protection, such as OTC products, anti-ageing creams and BB and CC formulas.

–    A compact for liquid foundation (available soon).  With an integrated mirror and applicator, the Presto Compact is perfect to apply foundation on the go. The product is dispensed by gently pressing the button and then picked up with a puff. In one gesture, the disc is completely clean for total hygiene. The compact's hinged flapper provides an airtight seal and it can be removed to make it refillable.

Check out the Presto Jar in our catalogue.


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