Cute Glass Pot offers more than meets the eye

  • Quadpack

This Q-Line make-up pot is a precious little pack that consumers will want to treasure. Designed for eye formulas like eyeliner gel or creamy eyeshadow, it is made of glass and wood, two natural materials that transform it from a mere container into something you'll want to keep. What's more, with great compatibility and an airtight closure, its technical specifications offer high formula protection.

Resembling a classic ink well, the Glass Pot is fully customisable. The wooden cap, produced at Quadpack's Manufacturing Division, comes in two shapes – flat or slightly domed – and can be branded, coloured and treated with different finishes, including Technotraf's new Groove decoration.

Aimed at masstige and prestige brands, its round shape and flush look perfectly matches any makeup range.

The Glass Pot is an extension of Quadpack's range of airtight pots. Check out the full range in the catalogue.


  • Make-up
    • Wood
      • Hybrid Solutions
        • Glass

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