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Quadpack highlights lifestyle trends for its skin care packaging

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— David Reguill, Category Manager, Quadpack Skin Care Division

Last year's skin care packaging was all about formula. With a boom in products like foam, micro-pearls, powder/serum combos and oils, packaging solutions adapted to accommodate the new formulations. As a result, packs like foamers, dual-chamber formats and droppers were prominent on the skin care shelves. This year's trends look set to be quite different.

Formulas have stabilised and should remain so for the time being. Instead, the emphasis will be on lifestyle. The philosophy of the pack's personality will be main focus. As brands focus on particular audiences, the packaging will reflect the target in three key areas: materials, functionality and decoration.

Quadpack's Skin Care Division has highlighted the following three lifestyle trends that will be popular in 2016.


The Urbanite trend denotes the Big City lifestyle – professional people who work in offices and live in the fast lane. Cosmetics companies developing their brands around this lifestyle will look for packaging that has a clean, premium image. Functionality dominates here, as packs should be very technical, almost scientific, with high-tech systems like special closures or airless technology. Transparent materials reflect high-rise offices, while finishes mirror the sunset view from the top floor, achieved using special techniques like cloudy metallisation.

Cosmetics ranges can be packaged in modern, tin-plated containers to enhance the urban look.


In contrast to Urbanite, the Artisan trend hooks into country life, the escape from the city in search of peace, nature and the Great Outdoors. In packaging, materials headline the country look. Natural materials like glass, wood and aluminium are given a weather-beaten, hand-crafted look. Think driftwood and distressed metal.

Great opportunities exist for secondary packaging, using materials like leather to enhance the look and feel.


The Rebel lifestyle trend is for those who don't want to follow stereotypes, who savour the unexpected and who think almost in extremes. Messy hair and personalised skin care meets the individualistic needs of this target group. Image is everything, so package design is led by decoration, with sharp edges and strong colours like red and navy blue.

Secondary packaging would follow the same angular geometry, born from an out-of-the-box mindset.

Sample skin care packaging ranges for each of the three trends are being developed and will be launched at LuxePack Monaco.

Quadpack's experts work with brands to find the perfect combination of functionality, materials and decoration to target each lifestyle trend. Contact your nearest office to explore the possibilities for your new line.


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