Lipstick innovation: Quadpack launches silicone-free mechanism

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When it comes to engineering, functionality is king and Quadpack Group's new silicone-free lipstick mechanism improves on standard designs, requiring no lubricant and delivering exceptional performance. A line extension of Quadpack's range, this new design is aimed at brands looking for a high-end solution at the premium end of the market.

"Our Design & Engineering experts have outdone themselves. The new four-component mechanism offers a smooth movement and long-term swivel torque stability," explains Sonia Cerato, head of Quadpack's Make-Up Division. "What's more, with no silicone present, there is no possibility of staining, thereby removing minor aesthetic concerns. It's an elegant, precision-engineered solution."

Quadpack's mechanism eliminates physical interference between the cup and the spiral. This noise reduction – achieved using a special additive in the materials used – ensures excellent regularity of movement along the cup run.

The lubricant-free design means a simpler production process, as no adhesive silicone is necessary to assemble the component parts. Filling is also easy as standard bulk methods are used.

From the consumers' point of view, all they'll notice as they apply their lipstick is a smooth mechanism, that's extraordinarily easy and comfortable to use.

Previews of the new lipstick mechanism – commercially available autumn 2016 – have just been shown at Cosmoprof Bologna.


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