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Quadpack Group develops new Heart Chakra Essence roll-on for Kora Organics

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Oceania, Beauty, Personal Care, Primary Packaging, Glass, Metal, 10 - 99.99 ml

"The heart chakra is an all-encompassing 'source-centre' of love, joy and compassion; our connection to life and all living things." So says Kora Organics in explanation of its new Heart Chakra Essence roll-on, its packaging developed by Quadpack Group.

Just launched in Australia, the product comprises certified organic oils to nurture and heal the heart chakra. A precious blend of rose otto, sandalwood, jojoba, ylang ylang and cedarwood, the roll-on has a metal roller ball to give a smooth cooling effect. The 10ml glass bottle is spray-coated solid black, with silver silk-screen print, topped by a matt silver anodised aluminium sheath for a harmonised look.

The product is rolled onto pulse points, such as inner wrists, base of neck, behind the ears and, of course, the heart chakra. The portable format of the pack allows consumers to carry it with them and apply it wherever they go, as the brand states, "to help give and receive love more freely".

Quadpack Group has been involved in the packaging of the skin care brand of Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr since its relaunch in 2011.


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