Cooling Roller Tube for feel-good skincare treatment

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When it comes to skincare, some areas on the face need more tender loving care than others. The Cooling Roller Tube gives these areas the attention they deserve, combining product application, accurate dosing and massage, while delivering a cooling sensation to soothe the skin.

Launched by Quadpack's Skincare Division, the Cooling Roller Tube is a cross-technology pack that features a Yonwoo airless tube and a metal roller-ball applicator. It works with the most complex formulas with strict demands for precision dosage, while offering powerful formula protection. 

Yonwoo's airless technology shields the product from oxidation and external contaminants. Moreover, a Luxefoil or five-layer co-ex structure makes the tube impermeable to organic and chemical substances, while acting as a barrier to light, gas and moisture.

Ideal for high-end eye serum, face serum, eye cream or spot body treatment, the Cooling Roller Tube offers targeted application in specific areas such as around the eyes, cheeks or chin. Consumers will love using the tube, as it makes applying a product feel great, too. On actuating an exact 0.20cc dose, the product is spread onto the area using the cooling roller ball, providing a gentle massage for a highly pleasurable experience.


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