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Quadpack ended the year with a bang. Our merger with Collcap Group had the industry buzzing. For us, however, it was the culmination of a plan a long time in the making. An agreement to the companies' mutual long-term benefit. And driven by an aggressive growth strategy that will continue to make headlines.

This strategy started with our acquisitions drive that saw Quadpack transform from a trading company into a manufacturer. In 2013, we purchased our first factory dedicated to producing wooden complements for beauty packaging: Technotraf Wood Packaging. This was followed by the acquisition of our decoration facility, Quadpack Impressions, in 2014, and an injection-moulding plant, now branded Quadpack Plastics, in 2016. Our newest plant is dedicated to manufacturing high-end acrylic jars and we have boosted its production capability to 50 million items a year.

This year also saw the consolidation of our divisional structure. Quadpack's Skincare, Make-Up and Fragrance Divisions are dedicated to researching each respective sector, and shaping new, market-focused packaging concepts that are right on trend. In 2016, they launched 84 new products and helped numerous brands with bespoke projects.

The same year, we made our first foray into the stock market, with a private listing on the Marché Libre, part of the EuroNext Paris stock exchange. Our turnover is rising steadily, expected to reach €72.5m at the end of this financial year. And close to my own heart, we established the non-profit organisation Quadpack Foundation, our charitable arm aimed at helping to improve the communities and environment wherever we are present.

So what's next for Quadpack? Well, we plan to keep growing both organically and inorganically. Our eyes are open for new partnerships, ventures and acquisitions. Our service offering will grow as we prepare to enter new categories. Our facilities will expand and improve. Our reach will extend to new territories. We may enter whole new markets in future.

The success of any company depends on taking a long-term view and seeking, even creating, new opportunities. It makes me very proud to see the vision, initiative and solidarity demonstrated by Quadpack's global team. We have worked hard and worked together to secure a sustainable yet dynamic place in the industry.

It goes without saying that the trust and loyalty of our clients and partners are a key factor in our success. Therefore, I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support. In turn, we will continue the good work. Look out for more exciting news, as our strategic plans unfold in 2017.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year!


Tim Eaves

Co-founder and CEO 

Quadpack Industries 


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