Flexible pot for long-lasting make-up formulas

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Today's busy women don't want to waste time having to touch up their make-up too often. That's why brands are offering 24h formulas that stay fresh all day. To support this trend, Quadpack's Make-Up Division has made a new introduction into its catalogue: the Airtight Glass Pot.

It's a 5g pocket-sized pot, but it packs a real punch. Designed for products such as lip colour, gel eyeliner or creamy or mousse eye shadow, this feisty little pack has a few secret weapons. Its airtight closure keeps the formula from drying out, having passed standard leakage tests at Quadpack's laboratory and weight-loss (thermal shock) tests at fillers' facilities, using different textures. Plus, it supports long-lasting claims through the use of materials that offer high compatibility with volatiles and silicones. Its pressed glass container is complemented by an ABS cap with gasket, both of which have high resistance to these compounds. 

What's more, the materials have the added advantage of providing the perfect canvas for creative decoration. The glass pot can be frosted, silk screened, hot stamped and spray coated. The rigid cap can accept matt coating, UV varnish and metallisation, as well as traditional decoration techniques. 

A wide neck allows easy product pick-up using fingers or an applicator. With a simple, clean, round design, this flexible pack can be dressed for any target audience, from mass market to prestige. Whatever the brand, if it's long-lasting make-up, this pot is primed and ready to go the distance! 


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