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The expert's view: packaging for colour cosmetics

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This month, we kick off a series of interviews with Quadpack’s specialists in each product category, giving their expert insights into each market. First up is Sonia Cerato, Make-Up Category Manager.

Quadpack: What is your role as Make-Up Category Manager at Quadpack?

Sonia Cerato: The Category Managers at Quadpack are essentially the ‘experts’ in their respective fields. I am responsible for make-up and I help clients by giving them guidance in their packaging choices. Internally, I keep up-to-date with trends and innovations, to ensure that our portfolio offers the best selection of colour cosmetics packaging solutions for our clients, always striving to blend creativity with technology.

Q: What added value does packaging bring to colour cosmetics?

SC: In colour cosmetics, image is everything and packaging is a big part of that image. It transmits brand values to the consumer. Its design targets a specific demographic, while its functionality determines the consumer’s perception of the product. 

There is a relationship between a pack and a product, with the pack reinforcing the product’s claim. A syringe can underline the efficacy of a cosmeceutical formula, for example, while a bold brush implies volume in a mascara. Any such feature makes the message clearer and helps sell the product.

Practically, packaging can help formula integrity. Our airtight compacts and lipsticks, for example, help preserve the product and prevent it from drying out.

Q: How can packaging help a product stand out on the shelf?

SC: In the field of colour cosmetics, it is a never-ending challenge to achieve differentiation. A pack needs to be eye-catching in terms of shape or finish. Special features must be clearly visible either in the design or simply printed on the pack.

At Quadpack we are constantly on the look-out for ways that give our clients a competitive edge. The recent acquisition of Technotraf Wood Packaging is a perfect example of our efforts in this area, enabling us to offer unique wooden components for a touch of natural luxury.

Q: How do you help clients find the right packaging solution for their product?

SC: Our mission is to help beauty brands perform. We approach ‘performance’ from multiple angles. First, we look at the formula, the brand, the market and the type of consumer it’s aimed at. Then, we look at ways to capture all this in terms of packaging. Our Quadpack Bespoke design team can produce 3D renders and functional models prior to production, to ensure that a packaging concept not only looks great but is also technically viable. The pack should support the product in all respects, even enhance it. Practically, we look at the launch plan to ensure a smooth supply chain.

Q: What are the current trends in make-up packaging?

SC: Packaging is evolving to meet the demands of today's busy women, who are juggling several things at once and have little time. Two- or three-in-one packaging concepts make it more convenient to carry and apply make-up essentials. These ‘kits’ combine two or more make-up and/or skincare products, such as primer and colour, kohl pencil and mascara or lipstick and lip gloss. Precision is a defining factor here, too: for example, lipstick must be quick and easy to apply with a single hand in any situation – in the car or without a mirror.

New gestures are another growing trend. Packaging is offering sophisticated new ways of applying classic products, making it personal and leaving the consumer feeling special. Today, concealers may come in metal roll-ons for an added cooling effect. Foundation can have a massaging sponge applicator, while a click button tells you the dosage is just right. All these give consumers a new and satisfying experience of the products they love.

Q: What’s next in make-up packaging?

SC: There are some interesting concepts in the works. We can expect further evolution of 'talking packs', packs that transmit messages thanks to their special shape or decoration. Also, a trend we have seen in skin care may well cross over into make-up: customisation. 'Made-for-you' packaging, enabling you to mix and match shapes and colours, will be sure to catch consumer’s attention and imagination.

In terms of formula, we foresee further growth in multi-functional products that combine several features in one, such as colour and moisturisation.


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