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Natura Bissé: 10 years in the luxury beauty sector

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Our series of 10th anniversary news items continues, with an interview with our most long-standing client, Natura Bissé. Senior VP of Marketing Patricia Fisas recounts how the beauty market has changed and looks back on a working relationship that has spanned a decade.

Quadpack: Please give us a brief background of your company.

Patricia Fisas: A prestigious luxury skin care company, Natura Bissé was founded in 1979 by Ricardo Fisas Mulleras. Natura Bissé is a leader in research, development and innovation. Our professionals, skilled artisans in skin care, craft each and every product to achieve unique and innovative formulations. Our revolutionary collections, highly effective for treating the different needs of skin, have positioned the brand in internationally-renowned establishments such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Lane Crawford, Harrods or Barneys NY. The company is also present in the most prestigious spas in the world.

Q: When and why did you originally approach Quadpack?

PF: We have worked with Quadpack in the development of our packaging since its inception in the late 1990s. We decided to work with them due to the professionalism and high level of meticulousness of their team.

Q: What were the trends in the beauty market back then?

PF: Up until 2000, the trend was to use a day cream and a night cream. However, from that year onwards, several firms began to launch global skin care products that were suitable for day and night and they unified several benefits for skin treatment into a single product: hydration, firmness, etc. At the same time, the textures in cosmetic treatments improved considerably, offering as a result a great variety of options tailored to the different skin types. In addition, applying serums prior to applying a moisturising cream was introduced in order to treat the skin from deeper levels.

As to the market trends in packaging, more and more cosmetics began to appear with sealed pumps, ie, fully sealed products that isolated the cosmetic formula from the external environment. The first packs with airless technology also emerged.

Q: What were your packaging requirements at the time?

PF: The main objective for the development of our packaging was the preservation of the cosmetic formula to avoid any alteration of the product. At the same time, we also looked for aesthetically beautiful and functionally appropriate packaging that transmitted the message of our luxury brand.

Q: How did Quadpack fulfil those requirements?

PF: From the start, Quadpack knew how to perfectly satisfy our needs, understanding each and every one of our projects. Our experience with Quadpack is excellent and, for this reason, we are totally confident in their ability to develop every aspect of our packaging.

Q: What was Quadpack like as a company back then?

PF: When we started working with Quadpack, it was a small company with a small team, but they were highly effective and masters at overcoming challenges. Their team, which is comprised of experts in packaging, offered the best results for each one of our products.

Q: How has the beauty market changed over the past decade?

PF: The cosmetics sector is making strides. Every day there are more companies investing in research and development, offering completely innovative products with high concentrations of active ingredients. In the same way, the consumer profile has changed throughout the years; there are more clients that require more effective treatments to satisfy their specific skin needs.

Q: How has your business evolved during this time?

PF: In this last decade, Natura Bissé has evolved considerably. In 2000, we opened our headquarters and factory in the Parque Tecnológico del Vallés in Barcelona, where companies with the most cutting-edge technology are located. The facilities include a modern and up-to-date manufacturing plant, which allows us to expand our Research and Development Centre, as well as enhance our production capacity. That same year, we launched the Diamond Collection, a global anti-aging treatment, a collection that became one of the brand’s symbols of identity and prestige. In 2003, after extensive research, we developed the Inhibit Collection, the most serious cosmetic alternative to micro-injections and other medical-aesthetic procedures.

In addition, we opened subsidiaries in Mexico, Dubai and the UK, expanding our presence on the international scene. We have had a subsidiary in Dallas, US, since 1995.

In 2005, we started an exciting project participating in major cinema events around the world; five years later, we started the Oncological Aesthetic Programme, a solidarity project to help people who are undergoing cancer treatments take care of their skin. 

Over this last decade, Natura Bissé has positioned itself as one of the most prestigious brands in the most exclusive spas, department stores and boutiques. In 2013, we opened our first flagship store in the renowned Pacific Place shopping mall in Hong Kong.

Q: How has Quadpack changed?

PF: Quadpack has also evolved a great deal since its inception. As I explained above, they started as a small company with a small team and today they are a large company with offices in different countries through which they offer the most technically-advanced solutions.

Q: How would you describe your relationship with Quadpack over the past decade?

PF: Our relationship with Quadpack is great. Our packaging department and the Quadpack team understand each other perfectly, which always results in the correct packaging for the different types of products.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

PF: In the future, we will continue our research in order to keep developing innovative products in the luxury and cosmetics sector to offer our clients the best results. After our last truly revolutionary launch, Diamond Life Infusion, we would like to mention that we will be introducing another skin care cosmetic with exceptional results very soon.  


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