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Quadpack prepares for expansion as John McDermott takes on role of COO

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He was the founder and owner of Collcap and is now a board member of Quadpack Industries, following the merger of the two companies. John McDermott now takes on the role of Chief Operating Officer for the group, working with Manufacturing Division Director Ernesto Cara and Supply Chain Director Alex San Miguel, as the company prepares to expand its operations. Here, he tells us of his role, his plans and his experience throughout the merger.

Please explain why you are taking on this role.

Quadpack is set to expand its own manufacturing facilities and extensive global supply chain. This is a great opportunity to use my experience to assist this expansion effectively.

Describe your responsibilities as COO.

The role covers three areas: manufacturing, supply chain and quality. As COO, my main responsibility will be to commit to the group's business strategy, ensuring that operations are in line with the goals of the company.

What are your plans as COO?

First of all, we are reviewing the operational structure to identify and agree on an implementation strategy with the operations team. For example, operational alignment is of fundamental importance following the merger with Collcap.

In addition, we are recruiting a Supply Chain Director in Asia. Current partnerships will be reviewed, the quality management systems improved and audits will become stricter. The calibre of supply partners is critical as we expand our operations.

In general, operations will work to contribute strongly to improve customer service for the group. Of course, this a continuous process, as we aspire to be a world-class packaging solutions provider.

And what about the Manufacturing Division?

Well, we're always looking for the latest technology and equipment to optimise our production. In fact, we've just installed a new glass decorating line and we’re about to upgrade our laser engraving and lathe equipment at our wood factory.

Over the course of the year, we're looking to invest around €900,000 in facilities, amenities and machinery at all three of our plants: Technotraf, Quadpack Impressions and Quadpack Plastics. At the moment, we manufacture 20% of what we sell, but we have plans to double that, as the opportunities arise.

You have just merged your company, Collcap, with Quadpack. How is the transition going?

It's been challenging, in a good way, and it's headed in the right direction. This is thanks to an integration plan that was formulated before the merger took place. What we’ve been doing is identifying good practices on both sides and using this knowledge to align, optimise and upgrade our processes, particularly in the commercial, operational and financial areas. When the integration is complete, the group will have the opportunity to further enhance its strategy.

Now you have worked as part of Quadpack for a few months, what is your view of the company?

The biggest difference is scale. Quadpack is much bigger than Collcap was which, post-merger, gives us the critical mass to grow the combined business according to our plans. Coupled with a manufacturing capability, this places us in a much stronger position in the marketplace. The cultural diversity of the merged group also gives us another powerful advantage.

What is the company's reputation in the global cosmetics market?

I believe it is very positive. Our customer base and supply chain intuitively understood that the merger was a good move. Everyone is now waiting to see what happens next. For me, reputation is all about customer service. If we do our job right, our reputation will only improve in turn as we improve customer service.

You are also a board member. Can you tell us about the company's business strategy for growth?

Our business strategy runs along four axes of growth: new clients, new products and services, new geographical territories and new market categories. This includes both organic and inorganic growth, as we monitor the market for opportunities for mergers and acquisitions. The formation of Quadpack Asia Pacific as a targeted sales region fits in with this strategy to grow our presence in this region, and we have other big plans in the making, too. Just wait and see!


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