Wood beyond limits — part 2

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Among all packaging materials, there are none quite like wood. Each piece produced is unique in the world and, depending on its treatment and decoration, its creative opportunities are unlimited. In part two of our inspiration boards, Quadpack's designers explore new frontiers with a new look, decoration technique and design concept.


Textured wood
When you use wood, a 'look' can also be a 'touch'. Micro and macro engraving adds a sensory level to a pack, turning its use into a tactile encounter. Reminiscent of guillochage or metal engraving, this look is centred around sophisticated, high-tech patterns, ranging from subtle detail to bold textures, to deliver the brand's desired experience.

Deco technique:

Layering / lacquering
Playful treatments of layers of paint and lacquer produce surprising results. Sanding and brushing in creative patterns uncovers the hidden colours below the surface, stripping the paint layer by layer, until the grain pattern of the wood is revealed. From old-fashioned patina to contemporary designs, this is wood presented as straight art. Each piece produced is literally unique, making this decoration ideal for limited editions or special collaborations with artists.

Design concept:

Concepts in simulated burnt wood, inspired by the hidden 'Art Island' in Japan, where contemporary art blends in with nature. Cracked, charred surfaces and blackened grain patterns convey the power of the elements, in a daring presentation of wood as you've never seen it before.

View the 'Wood beyond limits' slideshow and other videos on our YouTube channel.


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