Digital printing adds 'wow' to wood

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Photographic-quality decoration on wood is now a reality. Quadpack Impressions is achieving the highest levels of quality using digital printing. Teaming up with Technotraf Wood Packaging, the plant's decoration experts are experimenting with techniques and special inks to achieve results on wooden components that inject real 'wow' factor to beauty packaging.

A selection of stunning, digitally-printed wooden components were unveiled at MakeUp in Paris last month, receiving much acclaim from visitors. Quadpack Impressions plant director David Tanyá said: "We are always looking for new ways to make packaging stand out. New advances in digital printing technology are yielding amazing results. But it is our teamwork with our Quadpack colleagues that really makes the difference. Combine our expertise in printing with Technotraf's wood finishing know-how and the ideas of Quadpack's design team, and what you end up with is truly spectacular. That’s when we effectively become a design factory."

And not just on wood, but other materials as well, like plastic or glass. More effects can be achieved by applying additional techniques such as hot-stamping.

Quadpack Impressions is currently offering digital printing on flat or slightly irregular surfaces, with cylindrical packs and tubes planned for the future.

See the results of digital printing on wood in this video on our YouTube channel.


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