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Città Infinita

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The Città Infinita is a construction game performance that uses industry residues to create and recreate urban places. The initiative took place in Milan and Barcelona.

Polished and gentle to the touch wooden items are the “bricks” to build the city, in different shapes and sizes. Combining these pieces with the imagination of children, everything can be designed: their own houses, major public works and, above all, roads connecting participants, allowing meeting and idea exchanges between them, giving life to a potentially infinite game.

The great diversity of pieces has an important role in the construction game, increasing the possible combinations, feeding fantasy and imagination in the city's design.

Each group of participants shape their own Città Infinita using the universal language of creativity and manual skills, developing a unique project.

Quadpack donated a monetary sum of €3,200, gave volunteer workers the time to work on the project, and offered hundreds of wooden pieces from the Technotraf factory.


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