Yonwoo Drop Tube: the high-tech answer for mass and masstige brands

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New from Quadpack is Yonwoo's Drop Tube, offering accurate dosage one drop at a time. Designed with a plastic nozzle, it offers excellent price performance compared to high-end dropper tubes. Simply perfect for liquid skincare and pharma treatments in small sizes, such as eye drops, concealer, hair essence, undereye serum or facial oil.

Drop Tube is very easy to use. Just squeeze the 15ml tube and it will dispense the product in exact 0.055ml* drops. Apply it directly to the local area or onto your fingertip first. Whichever way you use it, each precious drop makes you appreciate the product.

Drop Tube comes in a 19mm diameter and with a choice of a Luxefoil or 5-layer co-ex interior. Both act as a barrier to light, gas and moisture, making it impermeable to organic and chemical substances. Made of PP throughout for ultimate compatibility, it comes with an injected screw-neck nozzle and a cap which blocks it when closed.

This simple pack can be decorated using a number of techniques – silk screening, hot stamping, colour matching and offset – to make it true to your brand.

Drop Tube has been validated at Quadpack's central test laboratory.

Check out the Yonwoo Drop Tube in our online catalogue.

*Within a range of 0.060-0.054ml


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