Make-up and skincare packaging inspires new fragrance formats

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Fragrance formats are evolving. Recent launches on the market are shaking things up and generally making perfume sexier and more fun than ever before. Chanel, Kenzo, Derek Lam, Victoria's Secret, Byredo… a host of brands are starting to launch new scents onto the market which eschew the traditional liquid format.

Consumer habits are driving this evolution, as brands seek ways to provide smaller, non-liquid and travel-friendly products, which are convenient for touch-ups throughout the day. Use is set to extend beyond conventional fragrance, as well, such as perfume powder for hair as a complementary gesture. Powder in particular lends itself to playful creativity. Fun textures like added glitter inject a sense of exuberance.

Much inspiration is drawn from make-up and skincare, leading to a hybrid function for packaging formats. Why should a compact only be used for face powder? Why should a deo stick only be used for deodorant? Jumbo sticks, pansticks and mini jars are being repurposed for solid fragrance. Brush tubes are dispensing scented powder. Cushion compacts keep perfume locked in a sponge.

It's a move which is making fragrance connect on a deeper level – essential to keep younger, more emotional generations engaged. Quadpack is able to advise clients with a broad catalogue and dedicated experience in fragrance, make-up and skincare. One recent launch – Yonwoo's Powder Spray – is a perfect example of a transversal pack which could be developed for fragrance. A wide range of make-up sticks could serve for scented crayons. From droppers and shakers, to compacts and flock-tip applicators, the possibilities extend as far as the imagination.

Check out Yonwoo's Powder Spray in our online catalogue.
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