Yonwoo Two Way Applicator for perfectly matched lips and cheeks

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The best way to match your lip colour to your blusher? Use the same product! New from Quadpack is Yonwoo's Two Way Applicator. Created for formulations that are suitable for both lips and cheeks, it offers – as the name suggests – two ways to apply the product.

The pack comprises a 19mm diameter tube with an innovative cap that holds two different delivery systems. Unscrewing the overcap and screw cap together reveals a stem with doe-foot flock tip, for perfect application of lipstick or lip liquid. Removing just the overcap exposes an NBR sponge, which can be used to apply the product to the face. For blending, dose the sponge as much or as little as you like by squeezing the tube.

The Two Way Applicator gives consumers greater choice over how to use their concealer, lip colour, blusher or all-over formula, answering demand for customisation in the area of make-up application.

The pack can be fully personalised to match the brand image using a host of decoration options.

This much anticipated product is undergoing the final stages of development and will become commercially available later this year, in a choice of capacities.


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