Yonwoo's latest makes droppers fun

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Is it a dropper? Is it a tottle? It's both! Quadpack presents Yonwoo's Drottle, its latest innovation for a new generation. Different and fun, it offers a new twist on a traditional system.

Drottle features a dropper pipette designed for serums, special treatments and liquid foundations, combined with a tottle. The pipette offers precise dosage, drop by drop, making it ideal for high-value treatments. The tottle's shape can be customised any way you like. Choose from round, oval, square or rectangular, colour it, decorate it – the creative possibilities are endless and it’s so easy to use: open, squeeze and apply. It's a pack that is sure to resonate with young, fun-loving consumers, who still demand a professional product.

Drottle comes in 30 and 50ml capacities and complements Quadpack’s range of bottle, tube and ampoule droppers.

Check out Yonwoo's Drottle in our online catalogue.


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