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Buying a fragrance is a personal thing; one you experience on multiple levels. The packaging plays a vital part of that experience. Beyond the aesthetic, it can touch all the senses, just like the fragrance inside. With a view to providing an enhanced sensory experience, Quadpack’s Fragrance Division presents The Elemental Collection.

The Elemental Collection is a library of materials which Quadpack can apply to its fragrance packaging, as original proposals for bespoke packs. Showcased as a range of stunning caps, it includes new and reinvented materials, intended to provide inspiration for truly differentiated packaging. Quadpack offers its expertise in design and manufacture for each material, as each one has its own technical and aesthetic characteristics.


Currently, The Elemental Collection comprises:

  • Leather – PU or real, certified cruelty-free leather, applied with visible stitching, with options to colour, engrave and print.
  • Textured wood – from FSC- or PEFC-certified sustainable forests, crafted by the experts at the Quadpack Wood factory in Catalonia, Spain.
  • Polyester resin – a family of resins, milled or moulded at Quadpack Wood and finished with surprising effects, from mother of pearl to stone or marble.
  • Cork – round- or sharp-edged, for a retro touch updated for the modern world, stamped or decorated as desired.
  • Concrete – cement-effect resin, enhanced with deep engraving for a look that’s hot, sexy and very trendy.
  • Stone – solid, natural stone, granite, marble and stone composites add weight and real luxury.
  • Ceramic – Glazed ceramic, made in Spain. Combine coloured bisques with sumptuous enamel to make it truly unique.


  • Fragrance
    • Wood
      • Plastics
        • Bespoke / Design

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