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Quadpack is a company that depends on constant innovation, so encouraging and promoting talent is vital to what it does. Tied closely to its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy, it works in several areas: strengthening ties between universities and industry, sponsoring relevant prizes and awards, boosting entrepreneurship and supporting small business initiatives.

Throughout 2018, Quadpack has had an active role doing many of these. “Sustainable design and innovation is key to what we do as a business. That’s why we like to get involved in education and training for students and young entrepreneurs. Through our various initiatives, we can give guidance to the next generation of designers and help create an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration.” says Alex San Miguel, CSR Director at Quadpack.

Working with educational institutions

This year, Quadpack started working with Barcelona’s prestigious ELISAVA design and engineering school. The department of Design and Advanced Technologies set the challenge for the Design and Engineering degree project and will do the same next year. Quadpack also continued its collaboration with the Montserrat school to give secondary school students a taste of working life and helped a chemical engineering student of Barcelona university UAB with a project on industrial waste management, inviting her to the Quadpack Wood factory to show how it can be done successfully.

Working with trade associations

Another initiative that encourages budding excellence is the ICMAD Young Designer of the Year Award, which was created to showcase emerging design talent at college level. ICMAD (Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors) is a US-based organisation of cosmetic manufacturers and distributors. Quadpack is a sponsor of the award and, for the 2019 edition, is offering the winner a 10-day trip to Spain as first prize. As part of the experience, the winner will tour Catalonia’s ‘Cosmetic Valley’, including the production facilities for sustainable packaging components at Quadpack Wood.

Making the world greener is of course is one of today’s greatest challenges, and a key driver of Quadpack’s CSR strategy. In order to create change, outstanding efforts that encourage sustainability need to be acknowledged, which is why Quadpack sponsored the Premios Nacionales de Diseño y Sostenibilidad de Envase y Embalaje (National Packaging Design and Sustainability Awards). Students from some of Spain’s major universities participated, presenting innovative, eco-friendly proposals for a wide range of sectors. In the Cosmetics category, the prize was awarded to an innovative modular packaging concept made from cellulose, for its response to current industry needs at both at a visual and sustainable level.

Working with industry

The Innovacat awards in Catalonia similarly encourage local talent, with a focus on business and social innovation. The event is sponsored by six companies, including Quadpack. In 2018, the Best New Company prize was awarded to a team of young entrepreneurs who wish to set up a consultancy to help established businesses attract a young clientele. This cash award will enable them to do just that, and ensure they are off to a good start.

San Miguel concludes: “Through these initiatives, we hope to help students and young entrepreneurs as they start their career. They are the future of the industry. If we can guide them, encourage them and help them in the right direction, it’s good for everyone involved: for them, for us, for the industry and, through an emphasis on sustainability, for the planet.”


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