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Everyone is talking about becoming sustainable. When you are a beauty brand, however, it is not easily achieved. The formula can be additive-free, animal-friendly and 100% organic, but what about the packaging? That’s where Quadpack is stepping in to help, offering clients insights into the various approaches to sustainability.

“As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we share our knowledge, to help our fellow participants in the value chain realise their goals in this area. Often, this means setting those goals in the first place, as the full scope of sustainability is not always clear,” comments Alex San Miguel, CSR Director at Quadpack.

Already, Quadpack has partnered with brands in France and Spain, to help map out a long-term strategy that’s right for them.

“We don’t just talk about recyclable materials. We also consider eco design, upcycling, energy management, transportation, waste programmes, forest management and visual communication, to name a few topics,” he says. “There are so many areas that affect a brand’s level of sustainability, so we offer a global view, then help build a strategy based on priorities and where they eventually want to be. It’s great to see how wholeheartedly these brands embrace this area. We’ve moved beyond lip service and seeing real action. The move towards a sustainable future is happening right now.”

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