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Over the past few months, as part of our Trend Roadmap, we have introduced you to Quadpack’s family of virtual personalities. Together, these people paint a picture of modern life (you may recognise a bit of yourself in each one) and are there to guide you through an increasingly complex consumer landscape.

Now it’s time to meet Charlotte, the Gen Z embodiment of the Phygital trend.

Charlotte’s smart phone is her third arm. She organises her busy social life on Whatsapp, discovers new beauty brands on Instagram, and shares everything on social media. For Charlotte, life all about serendipity and connectivity. She likes to be open to anything and everything; anytime and anywhere.

“My close friends call me ‘Lotta’, because they think I do a lot of everything! It’s true! But technology helps me get the most out of life. I just love it when a friend checks in on social media to a cafe I happen to be passing by. I carry pretty much everything I need in my backpack for insta dates likes these. Because my life is so spontaneous, I need beauty products that are easy-to-use and are up for anything.”

Quadpack’s Fine Mist spray help keeps on-the-go people like Charlotte looking fresh all day long by spraying on an astonishingly sheer layer of perk-me-up facial treatment. You can read more about this exciting new relaunch here


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