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How to choose packaging for my product?

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While there are countless options in the market, only one fits your product perfectly – our experts help you to make the smart choice

The success of any product depends heavily on the message it carries. Luxury, youth, sustainability, minimalism are more than mere categories: they communicate with consumers’ feelings and expectations. And how better to convey your message than with the perfect packaging? Some of Quadpack’s best specialists will guide you through the enchanted world of jars, tubes and packs.

Target public

“One of the most important information about a product is its brand positioning”, says Sandra Rodriguez, Quadpack’s Sales Account Manager. The recommended packaging size, decoration and model can vary if your target is masstige or premium, innovative or traditional. Having your brand positioning in mind, it’s much easier to find a solution that talks to your consumers’ needs.

Around the clock

We all know that time is key in every product launch – and that’s also true for packaging. When planning your market launch, always think about how much time you are dedicating to packaging (and how long you’re willing to wait for it). Catalogue lines are shipped faster, while bespoke projects, which are more innovative and unique, might require a few weeks more of your schedule.


Wood, plastic or glass? Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR), PP or Sugar Cane? Your packaging material will tell a story to your public that should match perfectly with your brand’s narrative. A heavier jar with double structure will transmit a different message than a single acrylic jar, for example. “Brands are always looking for more innovative, sustainable materials, as consumers have become more demanding about these aspects”, explains Santiago Reyes, Sales Account Manager. Tip: ask your packaging developer if they’re working with new, eco-friendly solutions!


You might not want to share the formulation of your product, but what about if it carries any ingredient that might require a special container? “We always recommend compatibility tests when the product brings new or strong formulas”, says Maria Infante, Key Account Manager from Quadpack. The extra care guarantees that your product will be kept safe and stable, either it’s a new launching or a formula change.


Don’t worry if you don’t know much about decoration techniques. Hot stamping, silk-screening and digital printing are jargons that your packaging salespeople will explain you about. All you need to share with them is the effect you want to cause on your clients, your budget and your product market positioning.


Your brand is soft-launching a product, testing a specific market or want to make a limited edition? Consult your packaging vendor about its MOQ policies. We can be flexible about minimal quantities depending on your project.


You don’t need to tell your target price but must be open about your packaging budget. As you share your financial capabilities, salespeople will save you time, narrowing options down and delivering quotes that make sense for your business.

Do you want to know more about beauty packaging and how to get the best solution for your product? Get in touch!


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