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Crafting the future: How luxury packaging is changing for the better

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We’ve been to one of the most important packaging exhibitions in Europe – and tell you all about it

When young Greta Thunberg made her striking speech at the UN Headquarters in New York, resonating with millions of children who went to the streets to protest for climate action, we all had the same thought: the world is changing. Greta – and the youth she represents – is an icon of a generation that demands urgent transformation in the way we live, take purchase decisions and manage companies.

Business transformation for a more sustainable world was a key topic of Luxepack Monaco, one of the most important luxury packaging exhibitions in Europe that was held from September 30 to October 2, 2019. By rethinking packaging, the industry is investing in reusable, renewable, recyclable and reduced solutions, even for the most sophisticated products.

The lifecycle of the product is one of the biggest concerns for all players. From the design to the disposal, packaging should be sustainable, which includes compostable, recycled (and recyclable) materials. Printing and decoration industries are also taking this trend into account, coming up with solutions that allow disassembling, reusability and recyclability of all components.

Sustainability is such an important topic that it intersects all main trends presented during Luxepack Monaco: from personalization to digitalization, from storytelling to ecommerce, all industry players are demanded to bring eco-conscious solutions to the table. In order to connect consumers to their brands without compromising their premium experience, companies are engaging them in a global conversation and reinventing the concept of luxury.

Sophistication now means ‘instagrammability’, focusing more on experiences and backstories than on big brands. Niche took the lead and is now inspiring large businesses, which have learned that essentialism and thoughtfulness are overtaking excess and impulse. Packaging is a big part of this trend: from the origin to the end, it should be carefully thought to respect consumers’ needs – and the planet we all live in.


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