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Sociology, psychology and even neuroscience…there’s more to the creation of beauty packaging than meets the eye.

Can you imagine that a simple jar or bottle contains much more than your favourite cream or lotion? Beauty packaging goes beyond manufacturing – behind every product, there are researchers, designers and engineers who dive into society’s trends to find a product fit for all customers. In this first article of our series about product development, we take a glimpse into the early stages of design through the work of Quadpack’s department of Design and Advanced Technology, which tracks trends and behaviours, and distils them into tomorrow’s packaging innovations.


Social behaviour trends based on scientific research are key inputs for product development. Diversity, inclusion, social media addiction and longevity are topics for consideration when creating packaging that answers to customers’ hopes and needs.


Based on these trends, Quadpack has created virtual personalities that represent different lifestyles and preferences. From the girl next door to a beloved friend or family member, they all remind us of someone. This is where empathy comes in – how to develop a product that meets their expectations?

‘Brain squeezing’

The challenge here is to come up with designs that would fit every personality, even if the product doesn’t exist yet. The team creates theoretical but revolutionary products that could potentially change the future of packaging.

Down to earth

Consumers are demanding, and therefore so are we. Products should be innovative and visionary, but also functional and accessible. Sustainability is a must, so it underpins each and every new design. In order to experiment with all these ideas, the team creates prototypes, using state of the art additive manufacturing technology and other high-tech solutions. If the products are both connected to the trends and work well, they are then ready to follow the next steps of being developed as commercial products.

What matters

Practicalities aside, the work of the Design and Advanced Technology team is about so much more. It’s about creating products that tell stories, arouse emotions and connect to consumers through their senses. Anticipating what’s next, helping them to express themselves in a harmonious way. Ultimately, it goes beyond mere numbers and statistics: it’s all about people.

Next up: learn more about product development with Quadpack’s experts.


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