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A, B, C…Choose your favourite beauty routine!

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From Asia to Australia, there are skincare trends for all tastes

Western beauty routines will never be the same. In the last years, consumers from all over the world have seen the rise of skincare trends that are inspired by ancient rituals or to a lifestyle more connected to nature and wellbeing. But don’t be confused about the alphabet soup: we help you to discover what’s behind all these trends.

A-Beauty (Australian): Pure, organic ingredients are the secrets of the healthy Australian look. Their glowing and sun-kissed skin effect is due to a simple beauty routine, with less steps and complication. Clean formulas, with local origin and sunscreen are their favourites. Quadpack’s plastic pansticks are a great fit for A-Beauty brands!

C-Beauty (Chinese): As China is one of the global leaders regarding industrial power and avid consumers market, the C-beauty trend is here to stay. Marked by a mix of innovative and traditional Chinese elements, their beauty products tap into the power of ancient ingredients while appealing to their affordable price and high quality. Meet Quadpack’s Spray Pump Pack with Wood Collar for a true C-Beauty experience!

J-Beauty (Japanese): Skincare is serious business in Japan. Concerned about formulas, efficacy and scientific base of their products, consumers need to be 100% certain of qualities and benefits of every purchase. They’re focused on high-quality ingredients, although with a “slow beauty” approach – innovations are welcome, as long as they’re rigorously tested. High-tech packaging like Quadpack’s Blues Airless Dispenser are a perfect match with J-Beauty products.

K-Beauty (Korean): For the last few years, “K-Beauty” products have reached great commercial success, thanks to the creativity and original design of its cosmetics. Disruptive formulas and formats make it a “fun” trend, where consumers can play with sticks, masks and ‘mix it yourself’ products. The long beauty routine with several steps opens endless possibilities to innovate. Try Quadpack’s wellness accessories range for a fun Korean-style experience!


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