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CBD, the trend you won’t want to miss

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Cosmetics based on cannabis sativa oil and seeds are the new beauty hypes

Forget the taboo. Cannabis sativa is not a synonym of narcotics – this resourceful plant has much more to offer than meets the eye. From textiles to medicine that helps many conditions like Parkinson’s and epilepsy, the famous hemp is multi-purpose and may have amazing effects if added into your skincare routine. The famous CBD, an abbreviation for its active ingredient cannabidiol, is now added to many formulas with a dermocosmetics approach.

Scientific research has been indicating that hemp by-products can be very effective for the treatment of skin diseases like psoriasis and atopic dermatitis or even temporary conditions as acne thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising effects. Its therapeutic credentials make it a safe, non-toxic option for beauty products that favour natural ingredients with an exotic touch.

Indie skincare and haircare brands pioneered this trend, launching the first CBD ranges a few years ago, but 2019 was the year when even the big cosmetic companies jumped into this market. Voilà, we have a new beauty darling!

Quadpack’s riding the wave and has hemp-based options for beauty brands that look for a natural, trendy addition to their portfolio. Our hemp seed Konjac Sponges are perfect for gentle skincare rituals that rely on additive-free and biodegradable solutions.


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