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Quadpack and Sulapac join forces for sustainable cosmetic packaging

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The long-term agreement is a clear example of how sustainable innovation can be achieved through collaboration in favour of a better world.

Beauty industries committed to sustainability, we have good news for you! Quadpack has just been named a “Preferred Cosmetic Partner” by Sulapac, a pioneer in development and manufacturing of microplastic-free materials, and will provide truly sustainable packaging for cosmetic customers worldwide.

With the agreement, Quadpack is now placed as a leading player in sustainable innovation in beauty packaging, thanks to the perfect synergy between Sulapac’s microplastic-free material and Quadpack’s extensive experience in fibre injection and bi-injection blow moulding.

As a result of the partnership, the new Sulapac® Nordic Collection by Quadpack will be launched in Spring 2020, including 15ml, 30ml and 50ml jars. The customisable range will be available in nine colours inspired by the Nordic nature, for dry and oil-based formulas, while water-based formula solutions are under study. Following its RePack strategy of sustainable product development, Quadpack is currently designing an extensive range of jars, airless, compacts, lipsticks and other beauty packaging options using Sulapac®.

Made primarily from renewable raw materials, Sulapac® is fully biodegradable, non-toxic and microplastics-free, besides being recyclable via industrial composting. As a premium material that is safe and circular by design, Sulapac® is ideal for quality-driven, environmentally-engaged brands.


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