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Quadpack advances in sustainable procurement

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Its recent incorporation into the EcoVadis Buyer Module will allow supply chain assessment and monitoring

A sustainable supply chain is both a challenge and an opportunity to every business. Although auditing every step of the manufacturing process can be arduous and costly, organisations that manage to do so have a great competitive advantage in any market.

Since January 2020, Quadpack is one such organisation, being able to assess and evaluate its suppliers’ sustainable practices. Steady growth, global expansion of its supplier network and a new business strategy focused on sustainable packaging supported the decision to join the Buyer Module of EcoVadis, a prestigious corporate social responsibility (CSR) ratings provider.

Quadpack holds an EcoVadis Silver Medal since 2018, which means the organisation complies with the highest standards of CSR, covering environment, labour & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. By joining the Buyer Module, Quadpack will also be able to conduct the assessment and follow the evolution of all its suppliers, globally. The CSR Supplier Scorecard* is a very important evaluation tool designed to bring transparency and traceability to the supply chain, answering to market demand for partners truly committed to sustainability.

The evaluation is made simple and effective, since it’s done through a self-enquiring method which demands documental evidence to support all the informed data. The Buyer Module will allow Quadpack to select providers with the best practices for projects with a high level of CSR commitment. “It creates a healthy competition along the supply chain where the benchmark is sustainability,” says Alex San Miguel, Quadpack’s CSR Director. The initiative represents a step further on Quadpack’s RePack strategy, to ensure a positive impact to its clients, partners, communities and the planet.

*CSR Supplier Scorecard measures an organisation’s economic, social and environmental performance and impacts.


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