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Monomaterial packaging: a sustainable solution

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Products based on a single polymer increase recyclability and answer to a rising demand for circular packaging

Recyclability is a hot topic in cosmetics packaging. While beauty brands demand more circular solutions, packaging industries strive to bring options that are suitable for all, without compromising quality, formula compatibility and aesthetics.

One of the solutions to this challenge is monomaterial packaging, which is based on a single polymer and doesn’t need to be disassembled before being recycled. If made from plastic like PP, PET and HDPE*, with high recyclability, or compostable, biobased materials like Sulapac®, the circle is then closed: we have a sustainable pack!

The monomaterial trend resonates with “Positive Packaging”, Quadpack’s sustainable product development strategy that assesses packaging from sourcing to end of life. We are committed to improving the recyclability of our products and increasingly opting for more sustainable raw materials. Monomaterial packaging is key to this strategy and has been gaining prominence in Quadpack’s range of products. A few striking examples are biobased, microplastics-free Sulapac® material, Regula PP Jar and Konico PP Jar

Contact our sales representatives if you’re looking for monomaterial solutions in plastic or compostable and biobased materials.

* Polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate and high-density polyethylene.


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