Jazz & Regula Rock Jar

A classic style double wall jar. It features a significantly thicker wall than the standard Regula jars, exuding an even greater sense of luxury or prestige.  Importantly, the jar features an inner PP capsule that can be easily removed by the consumer and replaced, allowing for the main jar to be reused over and over again.


  • Skin Care
    Features & Benefits

    -Refillable design delivers strong sustainable benefits
    -Jazz Rock can feature a central Ring as a design twist to the Regula range
    -Cost-effective range differentiation can be achieved by coloring the inner capsule
    -Wide decoration options

    105.UNT.X1 / 105.UNT.X2
    Nominal Volume50 ml
    • Coating
      • Metallization
        • Silk Screen
          • Hot Stamping
            • Michael Foster
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            • Created 07 Aug 2020
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