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Accelerating business transformation for sustainability

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Quadpack aims to lead the change in sustainable manufacturing and supply through its positive-impact processes

Quadpack's efforts in sustainability were rewarded this month with its first-ever EcoVadis* Gold Medal, a true milestone in Corporate Social Responsibility. In parallel, Louvrette, a Quadpack Company, has significantly improved its score and maintained its Silver Medal. The improved CSR ratings are welcome validation that Quadpack's sustainable business transformation is on the right track, and the goal is to reach EcoVadis Platinum Medal in Quadpack manufacturing in 2021.

“Sustainability is not an option. Consumers demand safer, cleaner solutions for themselves and the environment. Brands must be transparent on the positive impact they claim on the products, packaging and formulas they put on the market; they must communicate efficiently on processes and actions they take to improve that positive impact,” says Fabrice Revert, Quadpack’s COO.

Carbon emissions reduction

In addition to the EcoVadis CSR assessment, carbon emission reduction is a major initiative that is being deployed across the company. The baseline is set, and the strategy aims to minimise or offset the impact of all business processes in Quadpack’s circle of control, manufacturing, as well as in its circle of influence, the supply chain. To achieve this, Quadpack aims to expand its manufacturing in the region, for the region. By being close to customers, it not only reduces carbon footprint; it also improves agility and reduces time to market. “It also means optimising stocks, having better control of our inventories and flows of components to avoid overstock and waste,” adds Revert.

Energy and waste management

The new biomass plant at the Quadpack Wood factory is another example of carbon footprint reduction and circularity. It uses wood sawdust from the manufacturing process to generate energy for heating and air conditioning, reducing fossil fuel consumption and waste.

Industry 4.0 is currently being piloted at the factory, to transform it into a smart manufacturing site. By capturing data from its machines and equipment, efficiency or waste issues can be corrected in real time, making Quadpack Wood a flagship of sustainability within the beauty packaging industry.

In addition to Quadpack Wood, five more locations use 100% renewable electricity, including the headquarters office in Barcelona and Louvrette, in Germany.

Conversely, the use of water, gas, solvents and other chemicals is strictly monitored.

Sustainable supply chain

Beyond own manufacture, Quadpack is also focusing on its supply chain. Earlier this year, Quadpack joined the ‘EcoVadis Buyer Module’, to encourage and help suppliers to reach better CSR standards.

A sustainable supply chain embraces shipping, too. Quadpack is working on transit packaging optimisation to minimise waste, embrace alternative packing methods and switch to sustainable materials, while keeping products safe during transportation.

“Our purpose is to do things ‘right, differently, better’. This doesn’t just cover the products we offer. It also encompasses how we make them, how we source them and how we ship them. By implementing what we call ‘positive impact processes’, our operations become a driving force for sustainability.”

* EcoVadis is a prestigious corporate social responsibility (CSR) rating provider.

Read more about Quadpack’s sustainability strategy.


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