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Quadpack Foundation collaborates with NGO Casal dels Infants in Barcelona to train and motivate people at risk of social exclusion

Quadpack Foundation has a history of collaboration with Catalonian NGO Casal dels Infants. The first donation made in 2018 was only the starting point of a fruitful partnership that now includes a new, exciting volunteering project for Quadpackers. From May to July, 13 volunteers from Quadpack went to the Casal dels Infants’ headquarters, in Barcelona, to share their knowledge and professional experiences with 18 people at risk of social exclusion.

The project is part of an intensive training course for future office assistants and receptionists. While Casal dels Infants covers the behavioural component of the training, the technical subjects are taught by experts – volunteers that work in organisations like Quadpack.

“Quadpack Foundation has always answered positively when we needed support with our projects. The pandemic was a turning point in our history. The demand for help surged and this alliance was even more appreciated,” says Raquel Ortega, Communications Director from Casal dels Infants. The partnership has always been focused on specific projects, as necessities may change fast. “In the past year, we had to revisit our training programme according to market demand, from hospitality and catering services to office support. The only way to implement such a programme was by having companies and their people on board,” explains Raquel.

Besides the volunteering project, in 2019, Quadpack Foundation donated funds to help build the new ’Hub La Mina’, where 490 children, young people and their families have access to social services and educational support; in 2020, it contributed to the NGO’s Christmas campaign, focusing on teenagers, and to training projects for youth at risk.

Marta Gil, Quadpack Foundation Manager, believes that the partnership is an important step the organisation takes towards growth, professionalisation and greater impact. “We are very happy with the possibility of making a positive impact through volunteering work and Quadpackers’ genuine involvement. I am excited about future projects and leaving a legacy for our people and communities,” she says.

*Quadpack employees are given up to 16 working hours a year to participate in Quadpack Foundation’s projects.


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