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Beauty trends that will mark 2022

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Generation Z sets the tone for cosmetics and the beauty industry transformation

While beauty brands were facing the challenge of digital transformation, a new generation was taking over as prime consumers. 2022 starts with a focus on Generation Z, which grew up ‘digital’ and is socially and environmentally concerned. This group is now making the purchasing decisions that influence product launches and brand positioning.

Quadpack’s Market Insights team analysed the rising trends that will affect the beauty industry in 2022. All sum up the mindset of a principled, yet playful generation.

Post-COVID awakeningJoy and playfulness are the new keywords for colour cosmetics. Young consumers want a fun routine with products that stimulate their creativity. Limited editions and collaborations with bold colours, glitter and unique textures invite the consumer to have fun.

Ethics first – Consumers are less willing to compromise their beliefs over an attractive product or brand. The beauty industry must truly commit to social and environmental causes, being transparent every step of the way. As young people are increasingly informed and educated, they spot greenwashing in a heartbeat.

Nature meets tech – As an evolution of the ‘natural beauty’ trend, consumers are more open to lab-made solutions that help protect the environment. From an ingredient that replaces animal origin elements to a mineral sunscreen that is not harmful to coral reefs, tech for good is always welcome.

Radical inclusion – The era of ‘hiding imperfections’ is about to die – at least for now. Freckles, spots, wrinkles, folds, are personal marks and should be enhanced by make-up. Brands must be inclusive and bring diverse solutions or risk being boycotted.

Healthification – Products that make people look and smell good are desirable, but not enough to conquer their hearts. Besides having beautifying and healthy effects, cosmetics should tackle wellbeing and bring holistic benefits, for the body and the mind.

Make-up for digital – Gen Z established TikTok and their virtual lives are more important than ever. While some brands are launching try-on filters and apps, others are focusing on products that help the consumer look good on camera.


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