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Quadpack Foundation takes a world tour in 2021

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With more than 20 projects in ten countries, the non-profit organisation has grown its reach and governance

Quadpack Foundation has had much to celebrate in 2021. After appointing a dedicated manager, Marta Gil, in January, the organisation has grown in reach, governance, engagement and professionalisation.

Besides the continuous support given to organisations such as Fundació Impulsa, in Spain, and Change Young Lives Foundation, in Hong Kong and mainland China, the foundation started to collaborate with new projects in the UK, France, Germany, Japan, the United States and Australia. In total, 25 projects received support in ten countries, plus a number of actions with global reach. What’s more, a record number of 107 Quadpackers engaged in volunteering activities throughout the world. It amounted to a world tour to make a positive impact. Here is what some of the stakeholders had to say:

“We work with more than 30,000 people in Australia, mostly children and young people subjected to violence. Quadpack reached out to us a couple of months ago wanting to help, and we came up with the kilometres challenge, a fun and engaging fundraising activity. The funds raised will be applied into a Teaching Family Model programme, where young people who have suffered trauma learn to live in a family again” – Torren Woolley, Corporate and Community Relations Manager of Berry Street – Australia.

Around 50 Quadpackers engaged in the challenge and raised more than €10,000 for the Teaching Family Model Programme.

“I did my internship as a receptionist and office assistant at Quadpack’s headquarters, thanks to a collaboration with the Red Cross in Catalonia, where I received my training. Although I have lived in Spain for four years, I’ve never had the chance to work in the country, and this experience boosted my motivation and self-confidence” – Angela Villanueva, Office Assistant – Spain

Part of the same Red Cross project in Catalonia, seven Quadpackers engaged in a mentoring programme focused on jobless people.

“I spent a special day with my team on a conservation project where we helped clean our streets in Carrollton, Texas. It was more than just cleaning – we were outside together, bonding and being useful to our community” - Esther Castaneda, Warehouse Technician and Quadpack Foundation volunteer in the United States.

Four Quadpackers participated in the Conservation Garden Clean Up, in Carrollton, Texas.

Quadpack Foundation thanks all the volunteers, organisations and partners who were part of our activities in 2021.

We look forward to making an even greater positive impact in 2022!

Read more about Quadpack Foundation.

See below the links to all organisations and projects we supported in 2021:

Agir pour la Forêt - France
Banc de Recursos - Spain
Berry Street - Australia
British Beekeepers Association - UK
Casal dels Infants - Spain
Chancen Leben geben - Germany
Changing Young Lives Foundation – Hong Kong and mainland China
City of Carrollton – United States
Coordinadora del Voluntariat d’Osona - Spain
Cruz Roja (Red Cross Catalonia) - Spain
Estrip - Spain
Fundació 1859 Caixa Sabadell - Spain
Fundació Impulsa - Spain
Generació d’Idees – UAB - Spain
Hermanitas de los Pobres - Spain
Kidsdoor - Japan
Nasco Feeding Minds - Global
Nazaret Global Education - Global
Special Children’s Christmas Party - Australia
Torelló Mountain Film - Spain
Tutormate - UK


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